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20 +  Fertility Experts share their mindset wisdom to increase your chances of conception

Our Experts Have Appeared On:

Karena Virgina

Attracting The Miraculous With Your Radiant Body

Mark Sklar

How To Supercharge Your Fertility In 6 Weeks

Elisabeth Manning

BabySpirit: Connecting With And "Calling In" The Soul That Is Meant For You

Amy Meding

Living And Thriving With PCOS

Davina Fankhauser

Options And Resources To Fund Your Fertility Treatment

Xanet Pailet

50 Shades Of Oxytocin: Keeping Your Sex Life Juicy

Helen Adrienne

Clearing The Emotional Deck For Conception

Dr. Vera Singleton

Get Juicy: 3 Keys To Boost Your Fertility With Detoxing

Molly Nichols

The Undeniable Impact Fertility Visualization Can Have On Healing Your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Fertility

Amy and Kim Sedgwick

How Pleasure And Body Literacy Can Juice Up Your Fertility Journey

LeAnne Parsons

The Adoption Mindset: Hope And Comfort For Every Season

Zahra Haji

Tapping Into The Fertile Feminine Power Of Moon Goddess Fertility Yoga: Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body For Pregnancy Success

Nancy Mae

The Energetic Fertility Method: Tools For A Healthy Conception And Beyond

Dr. Aumatma Shah

Hormones And Neurotransmitters

Maria Delgado

Boost Fertility By Seeking Enlightenment

Kelly Meehan

Spiritual Communication With Your Baby In Conception

Ken Mosesian

Truth, Dare Or Beware: LGBT Baby Making Fast Facts

Heidi Brockmeijer

The Importance Of Nourishing Yin And Warming Yang For Egg Quality, A Healthy Lining And Fertile Cervical Mucus

Sarah Holland

Tap Into Your Fertility Potential!

Your Host

Renee Waggener

Renée Waggener at Xtraordinary Fertility helps couples with infertility break free from the all-consuming loss of control and overwhelm so that they can live a Fertilicious life, regardless of the outcome. As a result of her own personal infertility journey, Renée created her programs take her clients from Frustration to Fertilicious Living in a step-by-step transformational process. Renée is a Certified Professional coach (CPC), and energetic speaker and writer who supports her clients worldwide so that they are able to build back their confidence, hope and control of the uncontrollable disease, infertility.

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